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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Marios Strofalis Quartet

The festival's musical journey begins on 4/8 with the musical performance «European Taxim» by the quartet of Marios Strofalis, an award-winning soundtrack composer, with a large discography, whose music we have heard in many films, television series and theatrical performances, while his tango compositions achieve, year after year, international acceptance. His quartet is a musical ensemble with intense cinematic and southern European stigma, that this year has a ten-year continuous presence in music halls, theaters and concert halls. Its members are Marios Strofalis (piano), Vangelis Vergotis (accordion), Alfredo Shtuni (violin) and Alexandros Mpotinis (violoncello). The European Taxim is a nostalgic tour in cultural ports of the people of southern Europe and the Mediterranean, where classical forms are “married” with favorite dances, such as the Mediterranean tango, Smyrna bolero, nuevo tango, Aegean ballos, nouvelle jazz francaise, Andalusian ballad, flamenco, tarantella and the lyrical Mediterranean waltz.
Marios Strofalis, piano
Vangelis Vergotis, accordion
Alfredo Shtuni, violin
Alexandros Mpotinis, violoncello

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Photos from the concert΄s evening (4/8/2013)

HD videos from the concert΄s evening (4/8/2013)
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Marios Strofalis, piano

Marios Strofalis was born in Athens in 1969. He began his music education in age of six years in the National Conservatoire, where he got the Diplomas of Piano, Harmony, Antistixis, Fugue, Address of Chorus and Composition with the professors M. Mavrikou, D. Dragataki, A. Kontogeorgiou and M. Travlo respectively. He continued to study the piano in master class of V. Tsopela and K. Gkanef, while in the composition he attended the seminars of Th. Antoniou. At the same time he got the degree of Biology of University Athens. He has completed his academic studies in the composition, musicology and play-writing in the Conservatoire N. Superieur M. D. de Paris and the University Paris VIII in France, where he got Maitrise with dispense DEA with main professors G. Grisey and A. Bonnet.

He was activated as composer and soloist of piano in Greece and France giving concerts and writing music for small and big groups, for solo instruments and symphonic orchestras. He worked in the National Conservatoire as professor for obligatory and superior theoretic, in the Modern Conservatoire as professor of Music of theatre, cinema and television. His main occupation for the last eleven years is the composition of music for the cinema, the television and the theatre.
He creates and presents musical groups in concert spaces. He composes and orchestrates for his groups, in which participates himself playing mainly piano, but also accordion. He also organizes festivals, events and representations.


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Vangelis Vergotis, accordion


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Αlfredo Shtuni, violin





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Alexandros Mpotinis, violoncello