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Demo_Deux - Spyridoula Baka

On 17/8 a musical performance is unfolded by Demo_Deux, a duo in a constantly music search. The excellent voice of Spyridoula Baka is accompanied by Anastasis Sarakatsanos on the piano, while collaborating with them Dimitris Varelopoulos on guitar & lute and Petros Lampridis on bass. Backed by the considerable musical knowledge and studies, they explore the musical traditions assimilating new sounds in their music and "talk" with their audience dragging it on their musical journey in timeless favorite Greek songs, as well as melodies from the Balkans, the Mediterranean, Europe and the international cinema..

Spyridoula Baka, vocals
Anastasis Sarakatsanos, piano-vocals
Dimitris Varelopoulos, guitar-lute-vocals
Petros Lampridis, bass
Photos from the concert΄s evening (17/8/2013)

Videos from the concert΄s evening (17/8/2013)




Demo_Deux are Anastasis Sarakatsanos (piano) and Spyridoula Baka (vocals). They have spent a decade wading through musical waters together. They both graduated from the Music School of Pallini, Athens, in 2001, taking parallel routes into the music business. Common projects in discography, film and theatre productions led them to a highly creative collaboration in December 2007. In the next 5-6 years, Demo_Deux weaved melodies into a repertoire that stretches across Eastern and Western Europe, from Greece to the Balkans, passing into the Mediterranean. Only one motif to the choice of a song: that it will be able to "speak" to the heart of the audience. With their eclectic repertoire and the openness of the duet, Demo_Deux succeeds in transcending barriers of geography and culture, seeking to communicate the discoveries of their musical journey.
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Spyridoula Baka, vocals

Spyridoula Baka was born in Athens in 1984. She graduated from a music high-school, where she focused her study in the Mediterranean folk music. She’s been having singing lessons, in several vocal techniques, ever since, along with her studies in Philosophy and History of Science at the University of Athens. Among others, she has taken opera singing lessons and has attended Bulgarian, Turkish and Irish folk singing seminars in the Labyrinth musical workshop, arranged by Ross Daly. She has worked and performed in Greece and abroad with very important musicians and groups, such as Ross Daly and the Labyrinth, Saz Grubu, Checkmate in 2 Flats, Takιm, Passed-Isolated, Nikos Grapsas, Giorgos Hatzimihelakis, Dimitris Psonis, Sanades, Efren Lopez-Los Caminos de Serceci, Demo_Deux.
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Anastasis Sarakatsanos, piano

Anastasis Sarakatsanos was born in Athens, Greece. He uses music as a means of communication with the audience and is mostly interested in its visual aspect, hence his special interest in theatre and film music. He started his music education at the age of 6, with piano and music theory lessons. Graduated from the Music School of Athens, did his BA in "Folk and Traditional music", in Greece and for the last 5 years has lived in the UK. Completed his MA in "Composition for Film and Media" at the University of Sussex and is currently a Music PhD candidate at Royal Holloway - University of London. Anastasis has worked as a Theatre and Film musician as performer, composer and trainer. He has performed as a kanun or a piano player in numerous occasions (concerts with the London Sinfonietta at the Athens Concert Hall, with the National Symphony Orchestra of Greece on national tours) and has collaborated with distinguished Greek directors and composers.
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Dimitris Varelopoulos, guitar - lute

Dimitris Varelopoulos was born in Athens. Establishing member of the band "Checkmate in two flats", he plays Greek island lute, guitar and he's a singer and a composer. His musical collaborations feature: Orfeas Peridis, Dionysis Savvopoulos, Melina Kana, Melina Aslanidou, Nikos Grapsas and more... He has also worked as a producer and arranger with extended discography. Currently he is working as a lute tutor at the Department of Music Science and Art of the University of Macedonia - Greece. In year 2000 he co-founded "IHOTRON", the overarching company for Ihotron Recording Studio and Ihotron Productions.
festival13 19  Petros Lampridis, bass

The European Festivals Association (EFA) has been uniting distinguished music, dance, theatre and multidisciplinary arts festivals from Europe and beyond for more than 60 years.Thanks to EFA’s history and the continuous support of its members, EFA was chosen to implement the pilot project EFFE by the European Commission.

                The first of EFFE’s initiatives is a quality label. This label is given to festivals with an artistic commitment, involvement in their local communities and a European and global outlook.

                Gyzi Megaron Festival has been selected to receive the EFFE Label 2015-2016. It is now part of the EFFE Platform, initiated by the European Festivals Association, which consists of festivals that stand for artistic quality and have a significant impact on the local, national and international level. The Label recipients represent 31 European countries and offer a wide range of genres and activities to their audiences.

2016 has been defined as Greece’s Year in Russia and Russia’s Year in Greece, by an agreement formed as a joint statement, signed by the two countries in October 2013.

                This year aims to build useful partnerships of mutual benefit with substantial development in both countries’ cultural, scientific, business and social relations, expanding Greek accessibility in Russian society, especially the province, opening up new areas of cultural, scientific, academic and business cooperation, and seeking new markets for tourism, Greek products and Greek innovative productivity.




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